Federal Council

The ADA is governed by Federal Council, which operates in effect as a board of directors who are responsible for the strategic direction, vision, policy and high level operation of the Association. 

Once the policy and strategic direction has been set, Federal Council delegates financial and operational decisions to the Federal Executive who ensure that the strategic outcomes set forth by Federal Council are achieved. 

The current members of Federal Council are as follows:


Dr P. Hugo Sachs


Dr Carmelo Bonanno

President   Vice President
New South Wales   New South Wales

Dr Terry Pitsikas AM


Dr R. Mark Hutton

Treasurer   Executive Councillor
Western Australia   South Australia

A/Prof Neil Hewson 


Dr Andrew Barnes

Executive Councillor   Federal Councillor
Victoria   Victoria

Dr Ross Bailey


Dr Scott Davis

Federal Councillor   Federal Councillor
Western Australia   News South Wales 

Dr Leonard Crocombe


Dr Stephen Liew

Federal Councillor   Federal Councillor
Tasmania   Victoria

Dr F. Shane Fryer


Dr Chris Sanzaro

Federal Councillor    Federal Councillor 
New South Wales    Tasmania

Dr Angela Pierce


Dr Martin Webb

Federal Councillor    Federal Councillor 
South Australia    Queensland

Dr Jeffrey Swann


Dr Catherine-Anne Walsh

Federal Councillor    Federal Councillor 
Northern Territory   News South Wales 

Mr Bradley Wright


Dr Errol Kilov

Federal Councillor   Branch President
Queensland   Tasmania

Dr Sabrina M. Manickam


Dr Andrew Gikas

Branch President   Branch President
New South Wales   Victoria

Dr R. Gary Smith


Dr Greg Miller

Branch President   Branch President
Queensland   South Australia

Dr Kang Kim


Dr Ashley Freeman

Branch President   Branch President
Western Australia   Northen Territory