Join the ADA


There are many advantages to membership, but here are 7 key reasons why you should consider joining the majority of your peers in the ADA


1. Community

One of the most rewarding aspects of professional life is forming strong and lasting professional relationships with your colleagues. The ADA fosters a passionate and robust community in which networking, support, and the exchange of professional insights are encouraged.

2. Advocacy

By adding your voice to the many, you support efforts to effect real change on policies affecting dentistry and oral health through the ADA’s consistent work with government and regulatory bodies.

3. Continuing Professional Development

As an ADA member, you have access to hundreds of hours of professional development material, including streaming online clinical videos, regular webinars, face to face events, peer-reviewed articles in the Australian Dental Journal, as well as tens of thousands of academic publications through the National Library online.

4. Professional news and updates

You can keep in touch with the latest clinical advances as well as issues affecting the profession through the ADA’s range of publications, e-newsletters, and a members-only website, or by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Professional advice and resources

As a dental practitioner, you need to be across many policies and procedures to function effectively in your role. As a member you have access to a range of professional resources on topics such as human resources and industrial relations, pharmaceutical information, complaint handling services, practice accreditation assistance, a personal CPD log, and much more.

6. Making a difference

The ADA is committed to raising community awareness about the maintenance of good oral health through media outreach, and oral health promotion activities including Dental Health Week, dental research, and the provision of dental services to those in need.

7. Lifestyle Benefits

As a member you can take advantage of discounted services and exclusive benefits on items such as professional indemnity insurance, vehicle purchases, travel, practice management and finance & banking.

If you would like to become a member, please email