Issues at a Glance

  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule

    The CDBS will likely remain in operation until the end of the year, subject to the passage of legislation to close it passing through both houses of Parliament in the expected timeframe.

  • Neurotoxins and dermal fillers

    The use of these items has long been a subject of contention in the dental profession but current DBA policy largely leaves their use up to professional judgement.

  • Whitecoat

    While actively promoted as a boon for the dental profession, the fact is that the nib-run Whitecoat is heavily partisan and dentists stand to lose far more than they gain from participating in the service.

  • Infection Control

    Infection control standards in Australia are rigorously enforced by regulatory requirements that tie continued registration as a dentist to compliance with infection control guidelines.

  • Scope of Practice

    Scope of practice is the term used to describe the full range of activities and responsibilities which professionals in dentistry are educated, trained and competent to perform and is integral to the practise of dentistry in Australia.

  • Fluoride

    Fluoride plays a critical role in strengthening teeth against decay, particularly when added to water supplies where, despite some criticism from a vocal minority, it has proven an effective way of bolstering the oral health of the community.